Where can we find the Philippines longest zip line?

The answer is Dahilayan Adventure Park in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. The 840-meter dual cable zipline in Dahilayan Adventure Park is not only the longest in the Philippines but the whole Asia as well.


*Dahilayan Adventure Park (Image sourced from dahilayanadventurepark.com)

It opened on September 2009 and has been a favorite adventure park among fearless travelers looking for a gut wrenching ride.

Piyesta Tips: Accommodating and entertaining guests at your home

Piyesta Tips: Accommodating and entertaining guests at your home

Get people to like you by speaking their love language. Communicate love/respect/friendship to a person in the ‘language’ they understand – there are five. For context, here is an example of when you invite someone over to your place.

Physical touch – Greet them with a handshake, hug, kiss.. whatever is appropriate to your culture and relationship.
Acts of Service – “Can I carry that for you? Can I take your coat?” Offer to help in some way.
Receiving Gifts – Offer them a beverage, food, token, or other thoughtful item.
Quality Time – Give them attention, listen; put away the distractions and focus on their story.
Words of Affirmation – Pay him or her a genuine compliment.

Not every action is going to resonate with every person, so I prefer to hit them all with a shotgun approach. My parents called this being a good host, but now I understand why. Try it out!

– via Reddit

Piyesta Tips: Keep spiders out of your home

Piyesta Tips: Keep spiders out of your home

Keep spiders out of your home using only natural, non-toxic ingredients.

Items needed:

– Spray bottle
– Peppermint essential oil
– All natural, biodegradable dish soap (helps break oils down so they mix evenly into mixture)
– Water
– Mix together and add to sprayer. Spray in places where you don’t want spiders. Once a week in the home should do nicely.

It smells great too!

Piyesta Tips: Getting rid of embarrassing memories

Piyesta Tips: Getting rid of embarrassing memories

Brain: “Hey, remember in high school when you farted in the class and all laughed at you?” Embarrassing memories resurface regularly, and can make it difficult to sleep/cause you to feel uncomfortable. But recent study in memory shows that every time we recall a memory we have the opportunity to change it. Next time we recall the memory, we do not remember the original event but rather the last time we recalled it!

Next time you recall how your classmates reacted on your uncontrolled fart, insert something positive into the scene. All subsequent times the memory resurfaces, focus on that: maybe your friend smiled and high-fived you for your bravery? Maybe another girl came up afterwards and told you that your act was really cute? By coloring the memory with positive associations, your next recall will be more pleasant, until eventually you stop feeling awkward at all when recalling it.

It usually take a month to extinguish the awkwardness of one particular memory.

*From Reedit